Strongest One There Is

A basic step-by-step view into the world of vector-based computer art. The Incredible Hulk is ©Marvel Comics Group. Follow me on Linkedin, Facebook, Tumblr or Thank you =:)

Follow along the vector process, won't you?
Line art complete.
Skin tone base. A very unmistakeable green.
Next come the medium tones, a darker green.
Last, an even darker green to emphasize deeper shadow.
The medium and dark greens look pretty cool by themselves, giving off an overhead spotlight effect.
Now that the body is complete, it's time to detail the face.
Looking better. Now, let's detail the eyes and teeth.
This is what the character looks like with completed coloring/shading and without the line art/"inks."
With everything "turned off," we can see all the line work that went in to building the character.
The finished product! Not bad, eh? Now let's go vectorize the Eiffel Tower.

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